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You’ll Never Hit Your 10X Growth Goals

If You Don’t Fix Your Neurochemistry…

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Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 


When you first started your business, you aimed for more freedom, more money, and less stress.

But now, when you hear words like 'profits', 'customer loyalty', or 'business growth'...

Your palm might start getting sweaty.

The good news is that there is a way out…

No, it's not chasing that elusive '10X' goal or whatever 'X' they're selling these days.

(Those are the result, not the cause.)

It’s about putting yourself back in the driver's seat of your business.

It’s about being the CEO of not just your business but your life—taking the reins of your mindset and directing it towards what actually matters.

It’s about taking back control over your most valuable asset: Your Mind.

When you have control over your mind, you have control over your entire world, both professionally and personally.

You see, the neurochemistry of someone struggling with debt is the same as someone who is overstressed.

They're both trapped in a loop of reaction-based thinking. They’re still stuck in a never-ending state of fight or flight.

“Wired for Wealth Live” is engineered to give you that control back.

With neuroscience-backed strategies, real-world advice, and hands-on experiences, you’ll learn to think differently about money and success.

Made $100K In 4 Months

Monique Ramirez

“First 90 days of working with Dr. Trivedi, I made my first $80,000. A month thereafter, I made an additional $20,000. So in the first 4 months with Dr. Trivedi, I learned my value, and I made $100,000.”

400% Business Growth Sustained YoY

Rebecca Louise

"400% growth that has continued to remain. It is sustained, and now the consistency and the growth and the earning to continue attracting the leads..."

250% Growth In Business Revenue

Dr. Molly Hamilton

“Since working with Dr. T my practice has grown by about 250% in a year. I’ve got so many different opportunities placed in front of me. I got interviewed for 4 different magazines.” 

From $200,000 to $1,000,000 With Wired for Wealth Live

Joseph Ward

“It was revolutionary… Very impactful… Allowed me to at least 5X my income. If you ever have an opportunity to come to an event like this it will be worth its weight in gold." 

You Can Access Your Brain’s Full Potential

And Achieve Your Personal Definition Of Success…

You might not realize it, but you've got a secret weapon right inside your skull.

You’re wired for high performance you just haven’t tapped into it yet.

There Are 3 Things You Need To Do To Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Earning Potential

1. Find out where you are right now: Start by mapping out your current mental processes. Which parts of your brain are you using? Are you using the executive part of your brain, or are you stuck reacting to stress and anxiety?

2. Find out where you need to be and how to get there: Are you working from a place of stress or from a place of executive function? 

3. Find out the drivers to your growth: Just like a Rolls-Royce needs premium fuel, your brain needs quality input and experiences to function at its best. 

At “Wired for Wealth Live”, you won't get generic advice.

What you’ll get are tools, grounded in evidence, to access that gold mine in your mind.

That zone where everything clicks, decisions are effortless, and success becomes the norm.

I’ll help you access the executive part of your brain—the zone where decision-making is logical, stress is minimal, and success is almost a given.

This is not a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. This is a personalized journey for those who are serious about their success.

And here's the thing: You need to rewire your brain for your personal definition of success.

With the right mindset and tools, anyone, even the average Joe, can achieve unimaginable success in various life areas.

Think of it like building your very own 'success vehicle' using:

Awareness (your brain’s steering wheel)

Vision (your brain’s engine)

Awareness (your brain’s steering wheel)

“Wired for Wealth Live” bridges the gap between those fluffy self-help promises and actual, tangible mindset shifts that redefine success.

We're talking real, science-backed strategies that help you leverage the executive part of your brain.

This isn't for everyone. It's for those who are committed, those who want more than generic solutions – those who crave tailored success.

Are you one of them?

If so, click the link below to secure your seat at “Wired for Wealth Live”, and elevate yourself to the next level of entrepreneurial mastery. 

Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 


Prepare for an immersive experience that will set your mind ablaze. You’re about to reverse engineer your business for true success with a framework proven to produce results in as little as 72 hours. So you can become who you are meant to be in your life and business.



Find Out Where You Are Right Now

On the first day, you’ll dig deep into the psychology and neuroscience behind your financial emotions and how they influence your decisions.

You'll understand the brain's pathways that can either help or hurt your success.

You’ll see why you're stuck in a loop of seeking dopamine-driven results and how to break free from it.

Discover the neurology behind your financial emotions and decision-making.

Learn why your current brain processes keep you stuck in a dopamine-driven loop.

Participate in a guided exercise navigating from Amygdala to Hippocampus to Pre-Frontal Cortex.

Learn what you need to do to serve the world more meaningfully.



Find Out Your True Definition Of Success

On day two you’ll get real and practical.

You’ll dissect your business into its core components and show you how to reverse-engineer your path to wealth.

Most importantly, you’ll work on aligning your business goals with your true purpose, so you can constructing a success vehicle that doesn't just earn money but also brings joy and fulfillment.

Uncover the core elements that every business needs: product, service, or idea.

Engage in hands-on exercises to reverse-engineer your wealth-building path.

Understand how to translate your passions into a profitable business.

Learn the key questions and processes that help you build a business you love.



Find Out How To Drive Lasting Growth

On the final day, you’ll tackle the fears and limitations that reverse your progress, and replace them with expansion and prosperity.

You’ll understand how to achieve true ‘10x’ by embodying a continuous process of growth. 

Break through limiting beliefs around time, shame, money, guilt, and self-worth.

Learn the transition from fear-based thinking to 'Growth Thinking.'

Explore why 10x is an outcome, but expansion is a continuous process.

Walk away with tools to transform who you are in your business and life.

Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 


Turned Her Life Upside Down

Janel Mohammed

“Wired for Wealth Live just kind of hits you, it really turned everything that you think upside down… I really see things from the inside out now.”

Broke Through Burriers In Her Business

Lori Greymont

“It takes you from understanding from the tangible side of where you’re at in your life in your business - financially. Overall, it puts together both the tangible and the esoteric parts of the work and getting to the root causes, and allowing you to grow.”

Took His Business To The Next Level

Michael Mok

“If you are an entrepreneur and really want to game change, like take yourself to the next level with the mind-body connection, this is the place to do it… Really amplify what I am already doing and take it to the next level to serve more people.”

Escaped The Grind Mentality

Jhon LeBaron

“It’s unlike anything you’ll ever do… As a business owner, it is so easy to get stuck in the mentality of grind, grind, grind… My big takeaway is learning to actually be in the rest, because that is just as useful as being in the business.”

Felt Promotion Worth And Ready

Heather Pohlman

“Wired for Wealth Live is amazing… I finally feel, after doing this seminar, that I am more capable of going out and promoting and working my business, getting the clients I want… It’s very impactful, if you’re a business owner especially.”

Released Stress, Tension, And Headaches

Malisha Ward

 “It was the most incredible experience for me… It released so much stress, tension, headaches were gone.

Most Impactful Experience He’s Been To

Bob Sears

“There is nothing like I’ve ever seen with Dr. Rewire… You have to find out for yourself because if you check this out it will be the most impactful experience you’ve ever ever had in your life.”

Different From Anything He’s Seen

David Asarnow

“I’ve been in the personal development space for over 30 years… Dr. T, his approach is 100% different than anything I’ve ever been involved with.”

Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 

What You Can Expect From

“Wired for Wealth Live”

Before Attending The 

“Wired for Wealth Live"

Stuck in a cycle of dopamine-driven decisions that bring temporary satisfaction but no long-term growth.

Running a business that doesn’t align with your core passions, leaving you feeling drained and unfulfilled.

Overwhelmed by limiting beliefs around time, money, and self-worth, holding you back from achieving true success.

Using only reactive parts of your brain—like the amygdala—causing stress and hasty decisions that negatively impact your finances.

Living in a state of "comfortable dissatisfaction," knowing you're capable of more but unsure of how to break through to the next level.

After Attending The 

“Wired for Wealth Live"

Equipped with neuroscience-based tools to shift your decision-making processes from emotional to logical.

Running a business you’re passionate about, turning what you love into a source of income, joy, and impact.

Free from limiting beliefs surrounding money, time, and self-worth, and armed with a true success mindset.

Operating from the executive functions of your brain, significantly reducing stress and drastically improving your decision-making abilities.

Living in aware of your infinite potential and continuously striving for growth, not just end results.

Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 

Waiting For The ‘Perfect Time’ Will Keep You Stuck

Hey, I get it. Your life is jam-packed, the clock’s ticking, and 'busy' might just be your middle name by now.

Entrepreneurship sometimes feels like an eternal game of catch-me-if-you-can.

Recession threats, economic turbulence, the yo-yo game of interest rates in the post-COVID world means you need to stay on your toes.

Which is exactly why waiting for the "perfect time" to level up your life is a one-way ticket to a life of 'what-ifs' and regrets.

Before you know it, you're spiraling in a loop of wants and not-so-needs.

And if you’re looking for a 'good time' to invest in yourself, you can keep looking…

Life doesn't do timeouts.

So why not take the leap when things are already busy?

It's in the 'busiest' times, the stormiest parts of your business, that "Wired for Wealth Live" can steer your ship away from sinking.

So take the reins of your life and business, click below and elevate yourself to the next level with “Wired for Wealth Live.”

Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 



Dr. Alok Trivedi

Dr. Rewire works with CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes and entrepreneurs to rewire their thinking with his science-backed approach so they can transform their health, wealth and relationships.

Dr. Rewire is the author of Chasing Success and Best Seller Wired For Wealth. He has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox News, Global News, Entrepreneur Magazine, Amazon Prime and the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies.

The “Wired for Wealth Live” process is a scientifically proven method for rewiring the fear, beliefs and habits that hold you back so you can achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 

A Personal Letter From Dr. Rewire

Hey there, High Performer,

Where do you see yourself six months from now?

Still struggling with the same financial headaches?

Imagine waking up in the morning invigorated, not just by caffeine but by a sense of purpose and certainty.

You grab your phone, not to anxiously check bank account balances, but to read a message of gratitude from a client your business has profoundly impacted.

You’re not just making money; you're making a difference.

Your personal life is more vibrant than ever because you're no longer weighed down by the stress and scarcity mindset that once tainted your interactions.

Profit graphs are climbing, debt is dwindling, assets are accumulating.

You're the captain of your life’s ship.

Steady and strong, steering through storms with financial grit and emotional wisdom.

Unrealistic goal setting, followed by deep depression, is replaced by a vision that's not just aspirational but attainable.

You've got a scientifically engineered roadmap leading you straight to a treasure trove of wealth—both financial and emotional.

You're making intelligent investments, your business is thriving, and you've cracked the code on work-life harmony.

You're no longer trading time for money; you're making money work for you.

You've built a business around your passion, and every day feels like a win.

That can be your life after you attend “Wired for Wealth Live”.

Look, you've got two paths from here.

Path One: Stay exactly where you are—the life of struggle, scarcity, and stress.

Path Two: Choose a life where you’re thriving and living your legacy.

“Wired for Wealth Live” is your first step down that second path, the one that leads to your highest self. Are you in?

The power to change is just a click away. See you at Wired for Wealth Live, where your future self is already thanking you.

To Peace, Prosperity, and High Performance,

Dr. Rewire

So take the reins of your life and business, click below and elevate yourself to the next level with “Wired for Wealth Live.”

Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 

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It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Success

It’s late one evening, you’re in the home office, you look up, and it’s pitch black outside.

The glare of your computer screen lights up the room…

You’ve just finished responding to what feels like the 1,000th email that night.

You told yourself you’d just “quickly check one thing” – it’s been 3 hours since then.

You should be either sleeping, spending time with your partner, or perhaps sipping on your drink of choice while binging the latest season of Shark Tank.

“How can I optimize today's meetings for maximum income and impact?”

What's the next strategic decision I can make to increase profit?”

“What else can I do to move the needle and scale faster?”

But you’re still not hitting your annual growth goals.

And your doubts are slowly starting to creep in…

"Perhaps I should be content with where my business is at right now."

"I guess some people are just born with the genes to build a scalable business.”

The worst part? You’re beginning to believe your haters…

“Scaling a business is super hard”

“I imagine building a business in this economy is really tough”

Your business is doing ok, isn’t it? Can’t you just be content with that?”

Your dream of scaling to the next level, the promise of money and time freedom, seems just beyond your grasp.

The constant hustle, the fire-fighting. It's maddening.

To make matters worse, you're surrounded by endless “industry experts” and “gurus” proclaiming their secret sauce to success.

You've tried them, haven't you?

Those ‘proven’ strategies, the guaranteed 7-step programs, the ‘secret’ pathways to passive income.

"Double your revenue!"

"10X your client base!"

"Unlock the millionaire mindset!"

Now, I’m not saying you can’t get these results…

And, in fact, you can.

And yet here you are…

Stuck in the grind, attending every webinar, course, and seminar you can get your hands on.

All because you don’t know how to release your brain’s hidden potential for success.

It’s time to reignite the fire that got you into business in the first place.

It’s time to take back control of your money and your life.

Hack your brain for success, liberate your business, and redefine success for yourself. Save your spot above. 

“If you’re not growing… You're dying”

You're consistently missing your 10X targets.

Scrap the 10X even just 10% growth would be nice, but you can’t hit that either.

That exponential growth, that game-changing leap, feels just out of reach.

And in an ever-evolving market that doesn't wait for anyone, staying in place feels like moving backward.

Wasn't entrepreneurship supposed to offer freedom and exponential growth?

What the hell happened to work-life balance?

Sound familiar? If so, I’ve got news for you…

You’re not running your business. Your business is running you.

Think about it.

Every morning, before the sun rises, your mind is already buzzing…

Instead, you’re mentally racing through quarterly numbers, sales targets, and that one KPI that your team never seems to hit.

Your business, the venture you’ve poured sweat, tears, and countless hours into, is running, but there's a ceiling you just can't seem to break.

And what’s that saying…

Maybe I’ll never hit my revenue goals."

Are you ready to rewire your brain to create a scalable, wealth-driven business?

If so, click the link below and register for “Wired for Wealth Live” today.